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Web Hosting is a massive industry, with thousands of choices available, ranging from free to massively expensive dedicated servers. To get the best speed and reliability you need to pay if you want to rely on it. MOLEDesign has chosen a Cloud Hosting solution in European datacentres that has been tested over a period of 12 months before we use it to host our clients websites.

We have no automated system for hosting, it is all managed so it is perfect for businesses / individuals who really dont want to get involved with that level of detail in their website. It is not suitable for IT experts who want total control. Access to the basics such as FTP, SFTP, MYSQL are included of course.

Hosting on our servers is usually only allocated to our website customers, however we will host other peoples websites should there be a real need, ie they don't want to manage it themselves and have a website that conforms to our website guidelines(*).

Our hosting guarantees

  • During development there are no web hosting costs, nor for the first month of your site going live
  • We will never purchase domains on your behalf or own them in anyway. It is vital to us that we know 100% that you own the domain. We will advise you on choices, where to purchase, how to configure, but once this is done we insist you retain full ownership. Too many companies use your domain name as leverage / control, we will never do that.

Our hosting services

  • You get full FTP access to your site if needed
  • You get full MYSQL access to your databases if needed
  • Our host does full daily backups
  • If you run Joomla, you get Akeeba backup as part of your package so you can take and download your own backups.
  • We do NOT at present host email, but we will configure your domain to use our third party solution. Email is far too important for a business to be run by anything other than a huge corporation with a dedicated email team, dedicated SPAM and VIRUS support etc.
  • Subdomains are classed as separate websites, unless they are just forwarders / holding screens.


  • Costs will be determined on the type of website that is being run, the amount of data, subdomains etc.
  • We will not host websites that have masses of media streaming, but more likely to use services dedicated to this function. To host this kind of services would need vast amounts of bandwidth that would affect our service.
  • Typical costs to our clients are £5 per month, up to a maximum of £10. Costs CAN go beyond this based on bandwidth

Website Guidelines

  • MOLEDesign will not host bandwidth intensive media files such as video. Websites are generally expected to implement high quality streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • We will not host torrents, or links to illegal downloads
  • We will not host illegal adult or other material. We understand that some of our customers may be in the adult industry and these will be decided on a per-customer basis
  • Banners to websites that contain illegal material as described in other points are not permitted.
  • We will not host material that can provide information on breaking, avoiding system and network security

In summary, dont be fooled by terms such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, storage etc. Invariably you will never need these anyway. If you need super fast, secure, environmentally friendly managed hosting, MOLEDesign is the answer.

IMPORTANT - We reserve the right to change the terms of our hosting agreements at any time. This does not include pricing, where 30 days notice will be provided. Hosting already paid for cannot have its price altered until that period of time has been used. Any breaches of the Terms and Conditions of hosting with MOLEDesign will not be subject to refunds of service is cancelled.


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