Custom Web Design

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Whereas using a CMS framework is in a lot of cases preferable as you get the advantage of a secure backbone with elements of a good website structure built in, you may need a bespoke solution that is part of a complete web-based product you are designing, or maybe you need to 100% make sure that the product does not rely on a framework from a third party and require total ownership.

If this is the case MOLE Design can certainly assist and if we cant, we will invariably know someone who can and will refer you without hesitation.

Consultations and basic design work / rough mockups will be free, unless travel to your site is required and it is not "local". At the end of which MOLE Design will give you a frank and honest opinion on the viability of the solution, and then a break down of the costs, maintenance and support options etc.

Please use our online form and we will be in touch.